Monthly Archives: May 2011

Transferring FreeNAS 8 to a different USB drive

As part of my FreeNAS 8 build, I purchased a Transcend 2GB USB drive which fits onto a standard motherboard 10-pin USB header to avoid having a USB thumb drive sticking out of the back of the case. Unfortunately this took a while to arrive as had to order it in specially, so my initial FreeNAS […]

Guide to cryptographic hashes for content-based addressing

Just came across an interesting article on the use of cryptographic hashes in content-based addressing (e.g. Git, Rsync, Bittorrent) whilst doing some reading around ZFS deduplication in ZFS v21 which is coming soon (with v26) in FreeBSD (and hence hopefully soon in FreeNAS!)

FreeNAS i3 setup

Just finished building some new hardware to run FreeNAS 8.0. As there’s not a huge deal of info kicking around the internet about working hardware configurations I thought i’d post my experiences. Last time I built a PC I almost built a NAS box at the same, but looking at the increase in cost of […]