Monthly Archives: June 2009

Thanks RAID!

After occasionally wondering over the past 2 years whether spending money on extra drives to build a RAID 5 array in my desktop PC was worthwhile, I now feel vindicated after one of my drives (a Western Digital WD5000YS) failed over the weekend. Upon restarting my PC, Intel Matrix Storage Console was able to identify […]

iPhone OS 3.0

After repeatedly retrying the upgrade for about 3 hours due to activation server errors I was finally able to upgrade by Wednesday evening. Since then things have gone pretty smoothly. Finally having the ability to copy and paste is a godsend, as are basic things one would expect from a phone like sending contacts to […]

Migrating from GMail to Google Apps

A quick guide to migrating contacts, calendar, email and email filters from GMail to Google Apps.

Domain Specific Languages for automated testing of FIX messaging

A DSL using the “Oslo” toolset that is capable of expressing order generation and responses from a range of market behaviors in terms of FIX messages in a dialect suitable for use by traders and financial engineers


Just came across this, looks like it has been around on Sourceforge for a while as part of lib-high-scale. Designed for large numbers of CPUs (e.g. Azul hardware), but microbenchmarks claim a small improvement over ConcurrentHashMap even on 2 CPUs.

Patching Apache on Debian

Steps for applying a patch to the Apache source tree and building a Debian package of the patched Apache in order to install via apt as normal.


After planning to do this for some time, I have finally finished setting up my domain as a blog. Still not 100% finished with the layout, which required an ugly javascript hack to sort out the column heights, but at least I can start posting now!