Monthly Archives: July 2009

Server upgrade to Intel Atom Mini-ITX

My home linux server (formerly my desktop PC), which has been sitting in the corner of my lounge for a few years (with all fans other than the CPU fan unplugged in order to keep the noise down), finally blew up a few weeks ago. The motherboard was loading the BIOS but failing to recognise […]

Java Concurrency Refcard

A handy concurrency refcard from Alex Miller is now available on DZone. Most of this should be second nature for experienced Java developers, but it provides a handy summary of concurrency and reminders of some of the less frequently used (and hence more easily forgotten) classes like ConcurrentSkipListSet, Atomic*Array etc.

Achieving Inbox Zero with GMail

Some tips on using keyboard shortcuts to speed up daily GTD email chores. I have personally been following a similar system also based upon Lifehacker’s trusted trio, but with “@” prefixes to the labels so they appear at the top of the list, filters so I can email todo items directly into my @action list […]


I have been having some problems with my employers’ remote access system which uses Aventail SonicWall. Unfortunately it seems that whilst it was previously working fine, some change to my PC means that the Aventail applet (used to verify the endpoint is running the Aventail system scanning agent) does not work correctly so access is […]